Four things you can’t recover:

The stone……..after the throw.

The word……..after it’s said.

The occasion……..after it’s missed.

The time……….after it’s gone.

As much as possible… throw stones & say words only when you really mean them. Contemplating on each step and asking guidance from The Almighty before we take it, can help a lot in preventing ourselves from regretting decisions we are about to make. Always give our best in everything we do.

Live with love, compassion and understanding. Live without fear & anger. After all… life is a journey that each of us can either learn or share.


At Last!

It’s been a while before I decided to create my own blog.  Now I have to make time to be able to make this interesting. Anyway, who cares. Blogs are for self-expression and self-enjoyment, it should not be created mainly because you want to please other people. Yeah I know, blogs are useless if there are no people reading it. But I trust my friends are reading it, and that’s what matters most to me. Friends whom i can share what I have in mind, what I feel inside, and of course how I look (with the help of pictures, LOL!!!)

Well, hang on and hope u’ll enjoy ur ride!



thinking what to blog...

thinking what to blog...